Designing and implementing a retirement plan that aligns your business goals with your employees' investing needS IS NO EASY TASK.  That is why we want to equip you with tools for managing your fiduciary responsibilities while helping you guide your employees toward financial independence.

Helping You Fulfill Your Fiduciary Responsibility 
Did you know that retirement plan sponsors have a fiduciary responsibility to provide their employees with education regarding their 401(k) plan?  Stifel's services can play an integral role in helping you fulfill this obligation.

We help retirement plan sponsors with some of their top concerns:

  1. Improving participant outcomes – We will develop programs to increase plan awareness and discuss how features, such as auto-enrollment, can help drive positive savings habits.   
  2. Ensuring plan compliance – We will work with you to help keep your program in compliance with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.
  3. Fees and Investments – We can assist you with the selection and periodic review of investments and fees to ensure that what your organization and employees pay is reasonable.   

Forming a Relationship
Working together isn't a transaction – it's about forming a relationship.  And to form a successful relationship, we believe transparent communication is a key component for employee participation.

We use interactive educational resources to help ensure your employees acquire essential information while delivering the high-caliber service they expect and deserve.

Periodically Reviewing Your Plan
As your organization changes, we change with it.  Our primary responsibility is to periodically review and share with you the performance of your investment options.  With this in mind, we are committed to working together to ensure your plan is aligned with your employees' goals.

Choosing a retirement plan for your employees is one the most important business decisions you will make.  Whatever your goals, we are dedicated to helping you construct a retirement approach tailored to your organization's needs.