Who We Serve

Business Owners
Owning your own business can be a great way to create wealth and an independent lifestyle. However, it can present its own set of challenges, such as:
  • What type of retirement plan should you offer?
  • What if you or a key employee becomes disabled or dies?
  • How can you sell or pass on the business?
 We have experience helping clients address these questions, and we can help you too.  We have access to talented and experienced professionals in 401(k) plan accounts, key employee insurance, and estate planning strategies.  In addition, we can work closely with your CPA, attorney, and other advisors to help craft a strategy that aligns with your needs.

Corporate Executives
Our clients, who are executives of public companies, often face the same dilemma.  A large percentage of their net worth is tied up in company stock.  To help them create liquidity, we offer the following services through Stifel:
  • Sale of Control and Restricted Stock
  • Rule 10b5-1 Plans
  • Stock Option Financing
For executives responsible for the financial success of their company, our investment banking capabilities include debt and equity issuance, advising on mergers and acquisitions, and stock repurchase plans.